Poster for the movie "Yokkiyan"


the villain steals the protagonist’s sperm sample and tortures the hero and the heroine, the protagonist fights the villain for his sperm and captures it or not?

Poster for the movie "Jai Vijayam"

Jai Vijayam

In the aftermath of his wife’s inexplicable return, a changed man with a haunting absence of memories from the past ten years, Jai becomes consumed by a relentless pursuit of the truth. As he delves deeper into the shadows, he unravels a web of secrets and conspiracies, discovering that the...

Poster for the movie "Akku"


A Sequence of Murder is taking Place surrounding Hero and most importantly the victims are all close to him. Hero is searching the Culprit & Police Inspector also does the same since its his duty. At one point Police focus shift towards the Hero since situation makes Cop to suspect...