Jeeva Ravi

Jeeva Ravi is an Indian actor, casting director and television actor who has worked in Tamil-language films and television. He made a breakthrough as an actor with his performances in 3 and Jeeva, with the latter film being a prefix for his stage name.

Born: 18 May 1982 (age 41 years).

Jeeva Ravi is known for Maayavan (2017), Sathur (2022) and Imaikkaa Nodigal (2018).

Poster for the movie "Maaveeran"


After a head injury, cowardly newspaper cartoonist Sathya hears a voice in his mind, foretells events and puts him in precarious situations and forces him to take on a corrupt politician.

Poster for the movie "License"


A middle class House wife Asking A fir arms License to safety Precautions.

Poster for the movie "Infinity"


A series of murders happens in the city, involving a writer, a policeman, and a missing young woman, complicate things for the police department. A CBI officer takes up the case, hardly realising that he’s about to unravel something more than he expected.

Poster for the movie "Kannai Nambathe"

Kannai Nambathe

Arun finds himself caught up in a crime that he has no connection to whatsoever. Following his roommate’s advice, he attempts to cover up the situation with cleverness. Will he be able to extricate himself from this predicament, or will he unwittingly reveal a much larger conspiracy than he ever...