Jigiri Dosthu

Poster for the movie "Jigiri Dosthu"

Jigiri Dosthu

Three Best Friends From Childhood – Vicky, Rishi and Loki. Vicky Aspires to Become a Scientist, Rishi Aspires to Become an Actor Whereas Loki Aspires to Just Enjoy Life and How Off in Front of His College Friends. The Story Happens in One Day, the Day of Vicky’s Birthday. On...

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Five young filmmakers who embark on a script writing session end up in a haunted house . The spirit in the house gives them various tasks to perform based on a script and if not completed will end up dying. Will they outsmart the evil spirit or succumb is the...

Poster for the movie "Akku"


A Sequence of Murder is taking Place surrounding Hero and most importantly the victims are all close to him. Hero is searching the Culprit & Police Inspector also does the same since its his duty. At one point Police focus shift towards the Hero since situation makes Cop to suspect...