Poster for the movie "Yaathisai"


Set in the 7th century, Kodhi, an young hot-blooded warrior from the Einar clan, believes that his birth is destined to free his fellows from the nomadic life that they lead and goes on an impossible mission, to revolt against and defeat the Pandiyan king Ranadheeran.

Poster for the movie "Maaveeran"


After a head injury, cowardly newspaper cartoonist Sathya hears a voice in his mind, foretells events and puts him in precarious situations and forces him to take on a corrupt politician.


The story revolves around the sentimental attachment of a family towards a cot that has been passed through the family for three generations. It has been their family’s companion through their ups and downs for around 250 years and everyone are attached to it emotionally. It has survived as a...

Poster for the movie "Appatha"


Appatha, who has spent all her life in Kaayilanpatti village, fears dogs. And in an unexpected situation, that fear turns to love. What was the reason for this transformation?