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In the near future, a group of war journalists attempt to survive while reporting the truth as the United States stands on the brink of civil war.

Collections: Alex Garland

Tagline: Welcome to the frontline.

Genres: War, Action, Drama


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Language:  English
Release Date:  10 April 2024

Box Office

Budget:  $50,000,000
Revenue:  $114,562,922

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Production Companies:  DNA Films, IPR.VC, A24

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Runtime:  1 h 49 min
Viewers Rating: 5/5 - (5 votes)

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Civil War OTT Release and Platform
Information has been revealed that the Civil War is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ from May 15, 2024. You can watch the movie on this OTT platform through rent or buy it. The movie was released on April 19, 2024, in theaters in India.

Movie Review

Written and Directed by: Alex Garland
Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Cailee Spaeny

Alex Garland’s “Civil War” thrusts viewers into a near-future America embroiled in internal conflict, delivering a powerful and immersive cinematic experience. This film, artfully avoiding overt political comparisons, focuses on the visceral experiences of its characters as they navigate the chaos of a country at war with itself.

At the heart of the story is war-weary journalist Lee, portrayed by Kirsten Dunst. Leading a group of military-embedded journalists, Lee attempts to reach the White House for an exclusive interview with the President of the United States amidst the turmoil caused by rebel forces. Dunst’s haunting performance as Lee captures the film’s somber tone, exploring the psychological toll of relentless conflict. Her battle-scarred gaze conveys a deep sense of weariness and resilience, adding significant depth to the narrative.

Joining Dunst is Wagner Moura as Joel, an adrenaline-driven journalist who thrives on the thrill of the chase while grappling with the ethical dilemmas of his profession. Stephen McKinley Henderson plays Sammy, a wise veteran journalist whose experience provides a steadying presence for the group. Cailee Spaeny rounds out the ensemble as Jessie, a young and enthusiastic photographer whose raw, youthful energy starkly contrasts with the seasoned wariness of her colleagues.

Garland’s masterful direction balances the overarching narrative of societal collapse with intimate moments of frailty and resilience. By focusing on the journalists’ roles rather than typical war movie tropes, the film shifts from spectacle to a profound exploration of the media’s role in shaping narratives that impact the political and socio-cultural landscape. Garland’s screenplay challenges viewers to consider the consequences of divisive rhetoric and political extremism without offering easy answers or judgments.

The dystopian landscape, depicted with fiery skylines and abandoned streets, serves as a powerful backdrop to the journalists’ journey. Cinematographer Rob Hardy captures the stark contrast between the brutal realities of war and fleeting moments of beauty in still photographs. The film juxtaposes scenes of intense battles and quiet despair with more tranquil moments, creating a poignant visual narrative.

Civil War” is a compelling and thought-provoking film, often hard to watch but unmissable as both a cinematic experience and a social commentary. It serves as a somber warning, envisioning a country and, by extension, a world in its darkest hours while shining a spotlight on the personal cost of conflict. Garland’s direction, combined with strong performances from the cast, particularly Dunst, makes this film a resonant and impactful piece of cinema.