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Haraa (2024)

UA 138 min - Action, Thriller - 7 June 2024
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Haraa is a Tamil movie starring Mohan, Anumol and Yogi Babu a in prominent roles. It is directed by Vijay Sri G..

Director:  Vijay Sri G
Writers:  Vijay Sri G



Haraa is a Tamil movie starring Mohan, Anumol and Yogi Babu a in prominent roles. It is directed by Vijay Sri G..

Collections: Vijay Sri G

Tagline: One Man can do Anything

Genres: Action, Thriller


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Country:   India
Language:  Tamil
Release Date:  7 June 2024

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Production Companies:  JM Productions Private Limited (IN)

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Runtime:  2 h 18 min
Viewers Rating: 5/5 - (5 votes)

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The Tamil movie “Haraa,”  was theatrically released on June 7, 2024. It is scheduled to be available on OTT platforms starting July 5, 2024.

Movie Review

Actor Mohan, known as a “Silver Jubilee Hero” in the 80s and early 90s, returns to the silver screen after 14 years with “Haraa.” Does the film live up to expectations and mark a successful comeback for Mohan?

The film opens with Ram (Mohan), his wife Nila (Anumol), and their daughter Nimisha (Swathi) living a happy life in Ooty. Ram is deeply devoted to Nimisha. Their life is shattered when Ram receives news that Nimisha has committed suicide in Coimbatore. Determined to uncover the truth, Ram adopts the alias Dawood Ibrahim (!!) and investigates the reasons behind his daughter’s death. His investigation exposes major scams, including a medical mafia and a forced prostitution ring, implicating powerful figures in the government and police. Now, Ram seeks retribution.

Plot and Execution:

Haraa is a rather cheesy flick. Where does one even begin with the lack of believability and logical loopholes? Is it the rather convenient way in which Ram coerces anyone by simply pointing a gun? Or the bunch of cops and thugs (you can’t tell them apart) trying to track down Ram and failing miserably? The way in which they get flummoxed gives you serious “how many guys do you need to screw in a lightbulb” vibes. There are also a lot of ineffectual and cringe-worthy dialogues. For example, when Ram grills his daughter’s supposed boyfriend as to why he sedated her, he says, “I thought if I had sex with her, she’d love me.” Go figure.

Music and Screenplay:

There’s also an unrelenting soundtrack to go with the endless developments. Ram just hops on from one master-plan to another. The roadblocks are merely a way for him to show how he’s always one step ahead. The screenplay is bland and lacks coherence. Unnecessary additions, like a backstory of a suspended cop (Jayakumar), feel redundant. Yogi Babu’s appearance in a single court scene for comedic relief is cringe-worthy to the core.


For the first time in over 100 films, Mohan, known for his romantic and family dramas, takes on an action role. Though he has chosen an age-appropriate character in Haraa, he still looks relatively young and fit. He has done whatever the character demanded, but the lackluster script and direction fail to do justice to his efforts.

Overall, Haraa struggles to provide a compelling narrative or engaging entertainment. Despite Mohan’s sincere efforts to make a strong comeback, the film falls short due to its implausible plot, weak screenplay, and unimpressive dialogues. Haraa may appeal to die-hard fans of Mohan, but for others, it might be a rather forgettable experience.