Inga Naan Thaan Kingu

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Inga Naan Thaan Kingu (2024)

131 min - Comedy, Thriller - 11 May 2024
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A newly married couple and their family unwittingly gets mixed up in a terrorist plot.

Director:  Anand Narayan
Writers:  Ezhichur Aravindan


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A newly married couple and their family unwittingly gets mixed up in a terrorist plot.

Genres: Comedy, Thriller


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Country:   India
Language:  Tamil
Release Date:  11 May 2024

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Production Companies:  Gopuram films

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Runtime:  2 h 11 min
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Inga Naan Thaan Kingu Review

“Inga Naan Thaan Kingu,” directed by Anand Narayanan and starring Santhanam, is a Tamil comedy that has been well-received for its humor and performances. The movie features Santhanam as Vetrivel, Priyalaya as Thenmozhi, Thambi Ramaiah as Vijayakumar, and a supporting cast including Vivek Prasanna, Bala Saravanan, and Munishkanth​.

The film revolves around a family that accidentally witnesses a murder and decides to exploit the situation for financial gain, leading to a series of comedic mishaps​​. Critics have praised the movie for its laugh-out-loud moments, strong performances, and effective casting. Santhanam’s comedic timing and Thambi Ramaiah’s portrayal of the zamindar stand out, while Bala Saravanan’s role as Chinna Zamindar adds to the humor​.

On the downside, some reviewers noted that the editing in the second half could have been tighter. However, the film’s music by D. Imman, along with the visuals, received positive feedback​.

Overall, “Inga Naan Thaan Kingu” is described as a lighthearted entertainer with no profound message, making it a fun watch for fans of Santhanam and Tamil comedies​.