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Kaazh (2024)

UA 123 min - Drama - 5 January 2024
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A Tamil couple and an international student experience adjustment issues after moving to Australia.

Director:  Mohanraj VJ
Writers:  Mohanraj VJ


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A Tamil couple and an international student experience adjustment issues after moving to Australia.

Collections: Mohanraj VJ

Tagline: Life is not easy like we think

Genres: Drama


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Country:   Australia
Language:  English, Tamil
Release Date:  5 January 2024

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Production Companies:  GM Films International, SKKA Films

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Runtime:  2 h 03 min
Viewers Rating: 5/5 - (6 votes)

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The Tamil movie “Kaazh,” with a runtime of 123 minutes, was theatrically released on January 5, 2024, with no announced OTT release date yet.

Movie Review

“Kaazh,” directed by first-timer Mohanraj VJ, delves into the everyday struggles and experiences of Indian immigrants in Australia, eschewing glamour for authenticity. The film primarily focuses on Siddharth Anbarasu’s Pulendiran, Yugendran Vasudevan’s Seenu, and Mimi Leonard’s Poornima, each grappling with personal and visa-related challenges in Melbourne’s suburbs.

The narrative unfolds with a slow-burn approach, emphasizing character development over plot fireworks. This deliberate pacing allows the film to establish relatable motivations and challenges, despite moments of uneventfulness in the first half. The absence of overly sentimental family dynamics and a minimalist background score enhance the film’s grounded realism, spotlighting poignant moments and interpersonal betrayals with raw authenticity.

While “Kaazh” sidesteps overt racial tensions, it deftly incorporates a subtle exploration of caste dynamics, intertwining it with the characters’ moral dilemmas. However, some character arcs strain believability, particularly in pivotal moments that feel contrived or hastily resolved. Despite these flaws, the film’s exploration of caste and the immigrant experience resonates, offering a poignant reflection on navigating identity and community in a foreign land.

“Kaazh” stands out for its earnest portrayal of immigrant life and nuanced thematic exploration, despite occasional narrative missteps and an extended runtime. It leaves a lasting impression by highlighting shared human challenges amidst cultural shifts and personal aspirations.