Manjummel Boys

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Manjummel Boys (2024)

U 135 min - Adventure, Thriller, Drama - 22 February 2024
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Manjummel Boys, based on a real story, is about a bunch of friends who set out on a trip to Kodaikanal and the events that occur there.

Director:  Chidambaram
Writers:  Chidambaram



Manjummel Boys, based on a real story, is about a bunch of friends who set out on a trip to Kodaikanal and the events that occur there.


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Country:   India
Language:  , Tamil
Release Date:  22 February 2024

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Production Companies:  Parava Films

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Runtime:  2 h 15 min
Viewers Rating: 5/5 - (2 votes)

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‘Manjummel Boys,’ starring Soubin Shahir, is preparing for its eagerly awaited OTT release on May 5. The announcement, made by the film’s producers, confirms that ‘Manjummel Boys’ will commence streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar starting from May 5.

Movie Review

Manjummel Boys: A Simple, Nostalgic Adventure

“Manjummel Boys,” directed by Chidambaram, is a film inspired by real events that happened to ten friends from Manjummel, Kerala. The story follows Kuttan (Soubin Shahir), Subhash (Sreenath Bhasi), and their friends as they go on a fun trip to Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. On their way back, they realize they forgot to visit the famous Gunaa caves, named after Kamal Haasan’s movie “Gunaa.” Excited to explore, they head to the caves, leading to unexpected and shocking events.

The movie showcases how these friends react to these events, highlighting the bond between them. Key characters like tourist guide Dominic (Ramachandra Durairaj) and local seller Arumugam (George Maryan) add depth to the story.


The cast delivers natural and realistic performances. Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Ganapathi, Deepak Parambol, and others portray their characters with ease and authenticity, making the film engaging.

Direction and Screenplay

Director Chidambaram successfully pays tribute to the real-life Manjummel Boys. While the detailed introduction of each character slows the narrative, it creates a nostalgic feel. The initial scenes are routine but pick up pace towards the end of the first half. The second half explores human emotions and friendships realistically.

Technical Aspects

Shusin Shyam’s background music adds emotional depth to the scenes. Shyju Khalid’s cinematography beautifully captures the essence of the story. Vivek Harshan’s editing is good, though the initial scenes could have been faster. The production values are commendable.

“Manjummel Boys” is a heartfelt and nostalgic film that pays tribute to the real-life events of the Manjummel Boys. Despite a few slow moments, it keeps viewers engaged with its simple yet captivating story. The film is worth watching for its realistic portrayal of friendships and the adventures that come with them.