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PT Sir (2024)

129 min - Comedy, Drama - 24 May 2024
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A young teacher attempts to introduce unique physical activities to schoolchildren.

Director:  Karthik Venugopalan
Writers:  Karthik Venugopalan



A young teacher attempts to introduce unique physical activities to schoolchildren.

Tagline: Raises pertinent questions about the inaccessibility of legal justice to female survivors

Genres: Comedy, Drama


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Country:   India
Language:  Tamil
Release Date:  24 May 2024

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Production Companies:  Vels Film International

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Runtime:  2 h 09 min
Viewers Rating: 2.4/5 - (8 votes)

PT Sir Movie Review

PT Sir is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language sports comedy-drama film written and directed by Karthik Venugopal, and produced by Ishari K. Ganesh.

The screening of “PT Sir,” directed by Karthik Venugopalan and starring Hip Hop Adi, showcases a film produced by the Institute of Wales’ Isari K. Ganesh. This film marks Hip Hop Adi’s 25th project as a music director. Let’s delve into the movie’s plot, analysis, and overall performance.


The film revolves around Thiagarajan, who runs a reputable college and school. The protagonist, PT Sir Vathyar (Hip Hop Adi), works at this school. Adi is a character who prefers to avoid conflicts rather than seeking justice head-on. However, when Anika, a girl he considers his younger sister, faces a serious problem at the college and subsequently commits suicide, Adi’s life takes a dramatic turn. The film follows Adi’s journey and how he deals with the aftermath of this tragedy.

Analysis of the Film

Direction and Social Message Director Karthik Venugopalan has once again tackled social issues with deep concern, similar to his approach in “Nejham Ud Naermai Ud.” The depiction of cruelty against women is both powerful and poignant, though the film could have been more engaging.

Screenplay and Performances Despite some sloppiness in the screenplay, the film shines during the break scene and the climax. Hip Hop Adi’s portrayal of the protagonist and Anika’s performance are significant strengths. However, Adi’s acting skills still need refinement. Kashmira, the heroine, deserved more screen presence. Thiagarajan, as the villain, delivers a threatening performance, while Prince and Devadarshini stand out with their compelling performances.

Music and Technical Aspects Although the songs are not particularly memorable, the background music significantly enhances the film’s impact. The music, especially during the “No Fear No Fear” frenzy, is a standout. Cinematography and editing are competent but not exceptional.

Strengths of the Film

  1. Social Commentary on Women’s Issues: The film’s portrayal of societal atrocities against women is commendable.
  2. Strong Performances: Hip Hop Adi and Anika deliver strong performances, with Prince and Devadarshini adding substantial value.
  3. Background Music: The film’s music, composed by Hip Hop Tamizha, is exceptional. The background score is a major asset, particularly in critical scenes.
  4. Key Scenes: The break scene and climax twist are executed exceptionally well.

Weaknesses of the Film

  1. Screenplay Slump: Certain parts of the screenplay lack engagement and fluidity.
  2. Overall Interest: The film struggles to maintain a high level of interest throughout.


“PT Sir” is a film made with genuine social concern, highlighting critical issues through its narrative. Despite some shortcomings, it is a movie worth watching for its strong performances, impactful background music, and important message. The film serves as a call to action against societal injustices, making it a significant cinematic effort.

Overall, PT Sir movie is getting rave reviews for the concept, narration, story, and performances with an unpredictable but nice twist & turns.