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Vithaikkaaran (2024)

128 min - Thriller, Drama, Comedy - 23 February 2024
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A magician turned smuggler is betrayed by his crew.

Director:  Venki
Writers:  Venki



A magician turned smuggler is betrayed by his crew.

Collections: Venki

Tagline: The G.O.A.T

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Comedy


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Country:   India
Language:  Tamil
Release Date:  23 February 2024

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Production Companies:  White Carpet Films

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Runtime:  2 h 08 min
Viewers Rating: 5/5 - (3 votes)

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The film Vithaikkaran released in theatres on Feb 23, 2024. The movie is available in Amazon Prime Video from March 22, 2024

Movie Review

Vithaikkaaran: A Promising Blend of Comedy and Thriller with Uneven Execution

Vithaikkaaran follows the story of a magician-turned-thief who finds himself in a perilous situation after being suspected of stealing a diamond during a heist. Adding to his troubles, he suffers temporary memory loss while gangsters relentlessly pursue him. This intriguing premise sets the stage for a film that, while focused and straightforward, struggles with consistency.

Director Venki deserves commendation for the film’s single-minded approach, avoiding unnecessary distractions and sticking to its core narrative. This focus allows Vithaikkaaran to deliver several laugh-out-loud moments, showcasing the film’s strength in combining comedy and drama. However, the thriller elements, which finally coalesce in the climax, come together too late to fully redeem the film.

The film shines brightest when it intertwines its comedic and dramatic elements, particularly in scenes filled with dark humor and meta-jokes. One standout moment is a poignant conversation between two men discussing a woman they both loved at different times, highlighting the film’s potential for genuine emotional depth.

However, Vithaikkaaran falters when it shifts into a more serious tone. These segments lack the impact of the film’s comedic moments, revealing a significant imbalance. The abrupt and hurried editing further hampers the film’s flow. An example of this is a metro train scene that, despite its potential, is marred by overly playful editing choices that dilute its impact. Additionally, VBR’s musical score fails to leave a lasting impression, adding to the film’s inconsistencies.

Sathish, in the lead role, excels in the lighter, casual moments but struggles to deliver in the more emotional scenes. The supporting cast performs adequately, though Simran Gupta appears miscast in her role, detracting from the film’s overall cohesion.

Despite its flaws, Vithaikkaaran gains momentum towards the end, with the airport scenes standing out as a highlight. These portions are crafted with precision, suggesting what the film could have been had this level of care been applied throughout.

Vithaikkaaran is an uneven yet entertaining film that balances comedy and thriller elements with varying degrees of success. While its focused storytelling and occasional brilliance hint at a solid entertainer, inconsistent execution and editing choices prevent it from fully realizing its potential.