Poster for the movie "Ranam Aram Thavarel"


A series of unidentified and disfigured bodies are recovered by the police from across the city. A facial reconstruction artist is brought into the case to find those who are responsible for these killings. Will he be able to get to the bottom of the case and find the killer?

Poster for the movie "Maaveeran"


After a head injury, cowardly newspaper cartoonist Sathya hears a voice in his mind, foretells events and puts him in precarious situations and forces him to take on a corrupt politician.


A middle-class man’s life takes a turn when he faces issues related to drinking. Can his friends help him deal with his issues and get back to normal?

Poster for the movie "Annapoorani"


A young girl from a strict family aspires to become the best cook in India.

Poster for the movie "Baba Black Sheep"

Baba Black Sheep

Two rival school gangs come under the same management and are forced to co-exist, leading to several changes in their lives. As things progress, the students not only become close to each other but also teach the value of life, literally.

Poster for the movie "Aneethi"


A food delivery guy with a medical condition falls in love with Subbu, a housekeeper, whom he believes to be his world. However, trouble begins, when both get entangled in a case involving the death of an elderly woman.