Poster for the movie "Romeo"


Leela, an aspiring heroine, is forced to tie the knot with Arivu, 35-year-old Malaysian return simpleton hailing from the same village. After knowing that Leela did not sign up for him or the wedding, Arivu decides to win his wife’s heart,and also confronts with his buried past.

Poster for the movie "Traffic Ramasamy"

Traffic Ramasamy

Social activist Traffic Ramasamy takes on the corrupt and powerful in his quest for justice. Can he succeed to bring them down, especially when they are keen to finish him off for good?

Poster for the movie "Pichaikkaran 2"

Pichaikkaran 2

A poor man with a painful past becomes a victim of illegal brain replacement surgery, leaving him to struggle in the shoes of a rich billionaire.

Poster for the movie "Kolai"


When a famous model gets killed, a smart detective comes to investigate when he realizes this incident calls him to a mystery.